Month: September 2016

5 Guilt-Free Phrases You Should Start Using as A Writer

Nick Tingley

It gets to that important point of the evening. You’ve met some amazing people and listened to some awesome stories – maybe you’ve even had

10 Myths About Writing

Nick Tingley

We’ve seen many variations of this list. Some are good. Some are plain wrong. Here’s our version of 10 Myths About Writing: 1. Writing is

5 Fun Ways To Plan Your Novel

Nick Tingley

A lot of writers say that a good novel is born out of great planning. But still a lot of writers forgo this fairly crucial

4 Mistakes Writers Make When Selling their Novel

Nick Tingley

We have all been guilty of it at some point. You pour your heart and soul into a novel, spending months carefully crafting it and

Getting the First Lines Right

Nick Tingley

So, you’re writing a novel? Great. You’ve taken that crucial step to start a new novel. Maybe you’ve written one before, maybe this is your first.

Instinct Cover

Instinct – Season 1

Christian Jorda

Instinct – Season 1 Author: Sarah Aderholdt   Trailer: Summary: Born into a world of magic, secrets, and class rank, Candace has been training for