Serialized Fiction: History, Significance, and Benefits

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Serialized fiction has always existed since the beginning of time. From hunter-gatherers and ancient human communities meeting around a roaring fire to parents sitting down with their children to read Charles Dickens and multi-issue comic books, this type of fiction is among the most popular today.

These days, television has provided an avenue for serial fiction writers to present their stories in video format. From movies and series to short miniseries, adaptations of great serial stories are now commonplace. They include The Lord of the Rings and even Harry Potter.

The creators of serial have always understood one thing: telling an episodic story to hold great appeal for most readers, listeners, and watchers. It has also paid off greatly and many of them have gone down in history as the greatest geniuses of their time – including Charles Dickens and J.K. Rowling.

Serialized Storytelling
As a writer, you can gain more readers through serialized storytelling and fiction. This is especially if you are looking to build up an avid and enthusiastic audience for your written work. As a matter of fact, Robin Parrish created serialized fiction a couple of years ago and was able to catch the attention of publishers. This eventually led to his first ever book contract.

Benefits of Serialized Fiction and Storytelling

1. Keeps It Short
Series force you to keep your stories short, captivating and interesting. If you are going to succeed in getting people to like your story, you will be forced to come up with unique ways to ensure that every episode is compelling enough, while also hinting at the nature and context of your next episode.

The nature of episodic fiction is that it should be a page turner for people to follow through with it to the end. They must want to come back again to find out what happened in the next episode. This forces you, in the long run, to improve your writing skills.

2. Timeliness
Another amazing thing about serialized writing is that you have more time in your hands. What this means is that you do not necessarily have to write the entire story before you can release it. Of course, it would be useful to plan out the entire store even before you begin writing the first chapter. However, releasing stories in serialized format means that you won’t have to have the entire thing written out. Instead, you can publish the first chapter while you continue working on piecing the rest of the story together.

3. Ideal Gateway
If you are working on a serialized story, you can continue working on other projects. In fact, it is highly encouraged that you have a couple of complete projects – whether they are novels or short stories.


This is mostly because serialized stories are a great gateway for interested readers to find out more of your written work. As they continue waiting for you to release the next series or episode, they can start on your already completed short story collections or novels. This is the best way to get readers devoted to your work.

In conclusion, serialized fiction presents great opportunities for both established and budding writers. Get in touch with us today and let us talk about how you can capitalize on this highly tried-and-tested literary form and reap benefits in the long run.


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