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10 Myths About Writing

Nick Tingley

We’ve seen many variations of this list. Some are good. Some are plain wrong. Here’s our version of 10 Myths About Writing: 1. Writing is

5 Fun Ways To Plan Your Novel

Nick Tingley

A lot of writers say that a good novel is born out of great planning. But still a lot of writers forgo this fairly crucial

4 Mistakes Writers Make When Selling their Novel

Nick Tingley

We have all been guilty of it at some point. You pour your heart and soul into a novel, spending months carefully crafting it and

Getting the First Lines Right

Nick Tingley

So, you’re writing a novel? Great. You’ve taken that crucial step to start a new novel. Maybe you’ve written one before, maybe this is your first.

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How to Write Your Novel with a Full-Time Job

Christian Jorda

How to Write Your Novel with a Full-Time Job   When you’re starting out as a writer, especially in this day and age, it’s almost

Serialized Fiction: History, Significance, and Benefits

Christian Jorda

Serialized fiction has always existed since the beginning of time. From hunter-gatherers and ancient human communities meeting around a roaring fire to parents sitting down